Owning a dog is a big responsibility. 

 You owe it to your 'four legged'  family member to provide it with the education which will allow them to understand the rules of your household, and how to interact with you, your family members, visitors, as well as how it should treat the various areas of your house and property.


You need to provide your dog with socialisation and guidance

 Don't forget if you don't provide guidance, your dog will try to make sense of its environment and everyone it comes in contact with, by applying its own rules handed down through the generations from their wild animal ancestors.  

 Your dog will create their own pack order and apply the natural skills they believe are required to survive.

 It is very important you socialise your dog.  It will be part of a new world and it should learn that it's new world is full of fun places and experiences and not to treat new places as areas of potential danger, or areas that it will need to dominate. 

The club conducts a Puppy Socialisation course that will assist in this process.


Training your dog is a household responsibility and continues for life

 When you bring a dog into your life you and your family must be prepared to get involved in training your dog.  Consistency is your best friend, and your dog will benefit from a stable set of rules that everyone uses.  You can not expect one person to train a dog and gain a superioir pack position, and then expect that your dog will act as though all humans it comes in contact with are above it in the pack.  You may get lucky, but you can't expect it.

 The club conducts an Introductory Obedience (Beginners  Class) which runs for eight (8) weeks.  The class runs for an hour each week on Sunday mornings, but you must understand that training does not stop at the end of class.  You must continue training with daily sessions if you expect your dog to become more reliable doing the things you will come to expect.  Everyone in your household should get involved using the same words and actions... your dog will thank you with years of pleasure.


Summary of training options

 The following list shows the core classes that the club offers, and identifies a progression of continued training for your dog.


Obedience Class Conditions/Comments  

Puppy Socialisation Class

(Puppy pre-school)

4 week class for puppies 12-16 weeks old (second vaccination required)


Beginners Class

(Introductory Obedience)

8 week class for dogs that are at least 16 weeks old 

Discount applies if you have been to puppy class

Grade 1

for graduates of the beginners class or dogs that have previously commenced some formal training

Grade 2 For grade 1 graduates or previously trained dogs ***
Grade 3 Grade 2 graduates (could commence obedience trials) ***
Grade 4 Grade 3 graduates (obedience trial capable) ***

 To register for any of these courses please contact the club via the email address or phone number on the main page.

 *   Fee Includes membership to the club until the following 30th September

 **  Fee Includes membership to the club until the following 30th September

 ***  For current financial members only