Annual General Meeting Sunday 13th October 2013


Hello to everyone here, thank you all for coming as, I present my annual report as President, of Tasmanian Dog Training Club Inc.,

Firstly thank you to all our loyal members, obviously without all of you we wouldn’t have a club, nor would we without the time and effort our wonderful instructors happily give every Sunday, voluntarily to help handlers and dogs to learn. Obviously without the loyalty of the wonderful instructors we have, the club would be lost. 

To the club Committee, thank you all who have supported me throughout the year, you all do so much. Vanessa as club Secretary, for the time and effort not only as Secretary, but also as Instructor for beginners and Puppy class’s when- ever needed. Organising all the contracts for the judges to come to our trials, Keeps all her records in professional order, The Secretary being the core of the club must make sure everything is being run correctly and efficiently. Yvonn as club Treasurer, has diligently kept our finances in order, reporting the club’s financial position each month. As you all know all our accounts must be reported and audited each year so as our club can continue to be incorporated and run under government rules and regulations. This is a very responsible part of the club’s continued successful running, thank you Yvonn. To my Vice Presidents thank you both, Wayne who is always there on a Sunday to help Norm set up, and also does a wonderful job with Rally, feedback has been so supportive, thank you also for helping out with the grades when needed to Sue also who is always there to help where ever she can, be it instructing class’s or helping with the cleaning, always there when you need her, thank you.

To everyone else, you all know I appreciate everything you do. Kevin for his extremely hard sometimes frustrating  job as Roster organiser, and also Chris, who  does much of the club’s administrative work thank you. Alan, what can we say, just thank you, you as always do a great job all year as club trial secretary.

 Finally we are ready and have had final approval to start construction of our new Club House. We have finally had the engineers report and are ready to commence on footings, weather permitting. Hopefully footings will be in prior to Xmas. We have worked tirelessly with Launceston City Council, Engineers, and designers over the past twelve months to achieve this result of having everything in place. We have also been successful in being granted $30K from Launceston City Council to go towards the construction, fitting out of the new Club House, as well as saving from our own funds and some very helpful donations, been able to secure over 30K of our own money. This in itself all in a little over twelve months I think is mammoth and deserves a big clap to us all. The new Lease with Launceston City Council has been negotiated, and we are still paying the same rent as we have been previously, which is great news. Much work has been done to improve our grounds, with the removal of trees from the far end of our training oval, over all, to allow us more area for our trialling rings. We have been able to have many old and dangerous trees removed and the planting of many new trees on and around the perimeter of our grounds for the dogs and also our comfort. There are will still continue to be upgrades done to our grounds by Launceston City Council, they have also agreed to plant trees for screening along the fence at the rear of where our new Club House will be located, so as to give us some privacy. We have been able to get the men’s and ladies toilet secured at the back areas, so as we can store all our equipment securely. Once our new Club House is completed, we will be able to sell our present club house and also one of our containers (which we will no longer require) to recoup some funds, so as we can continue to grow and improve and have the equipment we need to do a great job as trainers for the public and there dogs. Also for improvements and equipment for committee and members.

We have had  in excess of 200 new members join over the past nine months in beginners and puppy class’s, which has been quite mammoth with everything else that has been going on and attended to during this period. This of course does not include the rest of October and the month of November to go until the end of training and intake for 2013.

“Congratulations” to everyone and their dogs who have had success throughout the year, at all trials; whether it be, Obedience, Tracking, Agility, Agility games, track and search, or retrieving. TDTC Inc., held 14 successful trials alone. Congratulations also on  gaining titles or just enjoying themselves whether it is just passing the beginners course or getting a title, remember at the end of the day WE all take the best dog home.

Anyone that has any expertise in special areas that they think may be of assistance to the club’s future, don’t be shy, we would love to hear from you.

There are so many people who just do so many small things that all count, thank you to any one I may have forgotten to mention. One last mention. Thankyou Norm, for all you do, every Sunday, and during the week without question, the clubs handy man the club would definately be lost without NORM.

As I now vacate this chair, I am sure we are all looking forward to “Our Club” having another fun filled and successful year ahead. and sitting in our new Club House this time next year.


Lyn Deitch