Puppy Course Outline


Dogs must have had the second vaccination and be under four months when they start.

Occasionally small, older pups join the class for socialisation.


  • Socialisation and play
  • Responsible dog ownership
  • Introduction to basic obedience

The Course:

  • Runs for four weeks
  • At least two off lead play times each session
  • Topic for discussion each week

Week 1

General Care of the pup:

  • Feeding
  • Vaccinations and worming
  • Hygiene
  • Sleeping (including use of crates)
  • Exercise (limited until the dog is an adult)
  • Housetraining
  • Puppies and children Puppies and other animals Collars and leads

Training - recall

Week 2
Grooming, and the importance of touching your dog all over in preparation for visits to the vet etc.
Training - sit (stand - for the dogs that require more grooming)

Week 3

  • Socialisation
  • Signs of aggression
  • How to deal with aggression
  • The importance of exposing the young dog to a variety of situations

Training - drop/down, and give

Week 4

  • Scary things such as storms, fireworks, lawnmowers etc.
  • Expectations for the beginner course

Training - review come, sit, drop

General training throughout the course

  • Emphasis on the dog reacting immediately to the command or being assisted into position.
  • Focus on just one skill at a time
  • Choose an appropriate time to train (set the scene for success)
  • Stopping unacceptable behaviour before it becomes a habit
  • Tone of voice and posture

Notes are given out at the end of each session. They include information on what has been covered as well as-jumping, digging, mouthing/biting, and dominant dogs.


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