Extracts from the ANKC Rules for Agility Trials

Aim of Agility Trials

The aim of this competition is for a Handler to direct his dog around a course of different obstacles to assess and enhance the ability of the dog and Handler to work as a team. It is an educational and sporting activity intended to improve the dog's integration into society. The sport requires a good rapport between dog and Handler, which results in perfect teamwork. Whilst speed of the dog is to be desired, steadiness of work is essential to a faultless performance of the course.

The overall objectives of Agility Trials are:

  • To encourage a graded progression through the sport.
  • To encourage new participants and new ideas and the continuance of Agility as a unique canine discipline.
  • To encourage an increased level of fitness for dog and Handler.
  • To encourage safe and pleasant competition for all.

Age Requirement for Dogs 

Dogs must be 18 Months and over to compete

Some terminology worthy of Note:

Contact Area:    A contact area is an area painted a different colour to the body of an obstacle,  onto which a dog muststep whilst negotiating that obstacle, except for the Scramble where contact is required only on thedown side.

Standard Course Time (SCT):     Standard Course Time is the time set by the Judge within which a dog is required to complete the course in order to be clear of time faults,  determined by the total length of the course (CL) and dividing this figure by the Rate and adding five (5) seconds for the Table pause,where used.

Example: if CL = 120m, Rate = 2.0m/s   then SCT is 120/2 + 5 = 65 seconds

Starting and Finishing Lines:    Starting and Finishing Lines are defined lines across which the dog is required to pass in the nominated direction of the course when starting or finishing.

Wrong Course:     A Wrong Course occurs when the dog negotiates an obstacle out of the numbered order, negotiates an obstacle in the wrong direction, passes under  the bar of a Hurdle in the wrong direction or weavestwo (2) or more gaps in the weaving poles in the wrong direction.

The following Class description applies to Agility, Jumping and Games

(a) NOVICE CLASS:    For dogs that are not eligible for the Novice title.

(b) EXCELLENT CLASS:   For dogs that have qualified and applied for the Novice title and are noteligible for the Excellent title.

(c) MASTER CLASS:      For dogs that have qualified and applied for the Excellent title or Master title.

(d) OPEN CLASS:     Open to all dogs. (Note: There is no Open class in Games.)

Agility Champion Requirements

Agility ChampionThe title of Agility Champion will be awarded to a dog that gains 20 qualifying certificates at the MasterClass level in each of the Agility and Jumping events i.e. a total of 40 qualifying certificates in aggregate.

The 20 qualifying certificates must comprise:

(a) Ten first place results in trials conducted by Affiliates after 1sl July 2006, and

(b) Ten first, second or third place results in trials conducted by affiliates before or after 1st July 2006.

For results achieved prior to 1st July 2006, the onus is on the owner to provide the Canine Control with evidence of results achieved.  The qualifying certificates submitted for the Agility Champion Title are in addition to those required to attain the ADM and J DM titles.  The prefix to be used will be AG CH.

Agility Ring:

The Ring shall be a minimum of 800 square metres except with the approval of the Canine Control.  Each ring will have separate entry and exit points with a minimum of a three (3) metres corridor between the rings where practicable

Height Cards

Official Height Card, signed by TWO(ANKC) Agility Judges or other persons approved by the Canine Control specifying the height of the dog must be obtained.

The height of the dog is to be measured at the highest point of the withers nomore than two months before that trial.

The Height Card is valid for the life of the dog.

Height Category

  • 200     Up to and including 270 mm
  • 300     271 mm up to and including 365 mm
  • 400     366 mm up to and including 455 mm
  • 500     456 mm up to and including 545 mm
  • 600     546 mm and over


Broad Jump

Dog Walk



Spread Hurdle



Collapsible Tunnel

Flexible Tunnel

Weaving Poles

Dog Walk




Agility Games



Strategic Pairs



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