Course Start Dates / Times

Course Start Time – Sundays at 10.00 a.m. – 4 weeks – unless otherwise stated

2024 Start Dates for Puppy Pre-School Course:

7th April – FULLY BOOKED

5th May – now taking bookings

2nd June

7th July

4th August

8th September

6th October

3rd November

Course Description

Courses are held at the club’s training grounds at Churchill Park Sports Complex, Churchill Park Drive, Invermay.

Please Note:  Numbers are restricted for Puppy Pre-school courses.  You must email and register for the course and await confirmation before paying course fee.

To register for the Puppy Pre-school Course – please contact us by using the email address on the home page.

Pre-payment can be made to the club’s bank account – Bendigo Bank BSB 633000 Account number 113017743 Please enter your name as a reference on the payment and bring your payment receipt with you when enrolling.

The Puppy Pre-school course is for dogs aged 12 to 16 weeks. This course focuses on socialisation activities so that puppies feel comfortable around a variety of people and dogs. They are also prepared for experiences such as visits to the vet and grooming. Puppies are introduced to basic obedience that prepares them to move onto the basic obedience course, if so desired. If you do continue on to basic obedience course (within the same membership year) it will be at a reduced cost as you have already paid the membership fee.

Dogs must have had the second vaccination. Please bring the dog’s current vaccination certificate with you when enrolling. Puppies must be under four months when they start the course. Occasionally small, older pups may join the course for socialisation.

The club promotes reward based positive reinforcement training so you will need to bring some small, soft, tasty treats for your puppy. The treats must be something extra special that you will only use when training the pup.

In the first class, each owner is given a Puppy Pre-school Course Handbook that describes all the training and topics covered in the course and additional information that may help with other common puppy problems – e.g. digging, jumping, etc.

Main Aims of the Puppy Pre-School Course:

  1. Teach the new dog owner the responsibilities of owning a dog
  2. Emphasise the importance of socialisation of puppies
  3. Introduce some very basic obedience during play sessions
  4. Discuss the general care of a young dog

Puppy Pre-School Course Outline:

  • At least two off lead play times each session
  • Introduction to very basic obedience
    • Sit
    • Watch
    • Recall
    • Drop/down
    • Give
  • Several topics for discussion each week including:
    • Feeding
    • Vaccination and worming
    • General Hygiene
    • Sleeping (including use of crates)
    • Housetraining
    • Crate Training
    • Collars and Leads
    • Puppies and Children
    • Puppies and other animals
    • Socialisation
    • Grooming
    • Preparation for visiting vet
    • Signs of aggression and how to deal with it
    • Scary things such as storms, fireworks, lawnmowers, etc.
    • Exposing the puppy to a variety of situations

General Training Throughout the Course:

  • Emphasis on the dog reacting immediately to the command or being assisted into position.
  • Focus on just one skill at a time
  • Choose an appropriate time to train (set the scene for success)
  • Stopping unacceptable behaviour before it becomes a habit
  • Tone of voice and posture